Tim Young MA PhD FGS

Tim's involvement in archaeology started as a schoolboy in the 1970s, helping at the Frocester Court Roman Villa excvations under Capt. H.S. Gracie and Eddie Price. At university he studied geology for a BA (1981) in Cambridge, before moving to undertake a PhD (1985) in Sheffield on the Upper Ordovician of Portugal, under Dr Mike Romano. It was the Ordovician sedimentary ironstones of Portugal that started his interest in iron. Research programs were developed on the stratigraphy and geochemistry of the Jurassic ironstones of Yorkshire, as well as of the Ordovician ironstones of SW Europe, fostered by the enthusiasm of Prof. Charles Curtis. Tim co-convened the Geological Society's International Symposium on Phanerozoic Ironstones in 1987, which led to the formation of IGCP Project 277 - Phanerozoic Ironstones (1989-1992), of which he was National Correspondent and member of the International Steering Committee. After moving to Cardiff in 1987 to work on the geological mapping of part of NW Wales, Tim developed an interest in the local iron oxide ores of the Bristol Channel area and their early exploitation.

Tim started the GeoArch consultancy on leaving the Cardiff University Earth Sciences Department after 11 years, in 1997. From the start, GeoArch has offered a wide range of geological techniques to archaeological projects, but principally in the two fields of metallurgical residues (slags) and geophysics. The intention of running an experimental iron-making programme alongside the consultancy was realised after a chance conversation with Ken Brassil at the Iron Age Rsearch Seminar in the National Museum of Wales, 1997. Ken's enthusiasm for the project and the support of the National Museum, led to the start of construction of the bloomery at St Fagans in March 1998.

Current research includes, besides the experimental studies, the investigation of mineral exploitation in the Miskin area (particularly the Roman iron smelting and fort site at Caergwanaf) and the archaeology of Llandaff.

Tim with the furnace

Photo: Dr Peter Brabham

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