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GeoArch is the Cardiff-based consultancy of Tim Young, offering services in the analysis and interpretation of ferrous and non-ferrous ancient metallurgical residues, in the geoarchaeology of natural resources and in archaeological geophysics.

GeoArch also undertakes geoarchaeological research associated with the exploitation of iron, in particular a programme of experimental iron-making, based at the Museum of Welsh Life, St Fagans, Cardiff.

NEW! Cardiff University has issued a press release with details of the spectacular new geophysics results we obtained at Caerleon this year. Survey work undertaken with the university to the south of the amphitheatre revealed the footprint of a building complex of monumental size. The nature of the buildings remains unclear, but they dwarf other Roman buildings normally associated with legionary fortresss. Interpreting the new discoveries will take some time, but they look set to revolutionise our understanding of the role and purpose of the Roman base at Caerleon. For further details see the Cardiff University website.

GeoArch is pleased to be able to host the new mailing list for discussion of issues associated with historical metallurgy in Ireland.

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